Resale Rights – An Explanation

Whether you’re buying a product to sell or give away on your website or you’re creating products for others, it’s important to understand the various resale options. They range in what the user is allowed to do with the material and this of course affects the price.

Basic Resell Rights

Basic resell rights means you’re buying the product, usually a digital product, and the rights to resell the product. Basic resell rights work well if you are looking for a product to build your opt-in list or as a bonus giveaway for an information product.

Master Resell Rights

Master resell rights gives you the right to both buy and resell the product. You can make money by selling the product yourself. Master resell rights typically sell for a much higher price than basic resell rights. It’s also important to see if there are pricing limitations on the product. For example, you might buy Master Resell rights to an ebook that limits the price you can charge to $49. This is important information. Read the small print!

Re-branding Rights

Re-branding rights gives you, the buyer, and the right to modify the product to represent your niche. It generally means you can replace affiliate ads and links in the product with your own. However, you may not be able to modify the actual content inside the report. Again, read the small print.

basic resell rights

Giveaway Rights

You can purchase a product that has basic resell rights and also stipulates that you cannot resell it but you can give it away. The most common use for this type of product is as a bonus product or an opt-in list builder.

Private Label Rights

With most other rights, you don’t have the ability or right to change the content. That means you cannot add paragraphs or restructure sentences to match your writing style or voice. However if you buy PLR or private label rights, you do have the freedom to use the content however you choose.

You can change the content, change the author’s name, resell the content, repackage and repurpose it and use it however you want or need.

As you’re exploring your options you may find that some products offer multiple licenses. Each comes at a different price point. Review your options and choose products based on how you’re going to use them. Of course, always choose high quality products because the content ultimately represents you. And always read the fine print to learn what you can and cannot do with your purchased rights.

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