Smart Ways to Building a Responsive Blog Email List

Your customer base comes partly from your trusted list. List building is important to a growing and successful online business.

Before we talk about how to build a responsive list, what are some ways that your list could be unresponsive? It’s a fact that if you have a list it is useless if none of your contacts are taking advantage of your products. It’s like having a car full of gas but not the keys to get it started.

Reasons for an Unresponsive List

* Signing them up without permission – Don’t you hate getting SPAM? Think about those on your email list. They also hate it. If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, simply ask them. Using their email address to contact them without getting express information is wrong and can lead to your potential list of clients deleting your emails.

* The wrong target – If you are selling lawn mowers and the people on your list want to find out about lawn services, then you have missed the mark. Okay, so it’s not a great example but you get the point. Not fully knowing who your target market is can lead to an unresponsive email list.

getting SPAM

How to Get a Responsive List

Let’s turn it around and get your list responding to what you have to offer in a positive way. Here are some ways to get people to notice you.

* Ask for permission – It sounds like such a simple thing and it is. Create an opt-in page on your website for visitors to use to sign up for your newsletter and notices by email. This opens the door not only to wow them with your business information each month, but also to any email marketing campaigns that you set up.

* Use your signature line – On forums, in business emails and on business cards that you give out, make sure that there is a link to your website and opt-in page. This type of subtle technique is underused. With as many emails as you write, you ought to be getting some benefit from it.

* Check business forums – Get a feel for what others in your niche know about their customers and what they are looking for. This will help you get a better handle on your niche target market if you are unsure of just who you need to be targeting.

* Offer something dynamite – Once you have that list of targeted prospects you will need to do something with it. Create a newsletter that has up-to-date information that readers want to know about. Give them product offerings in addition to the ones on your blog. Make your list feel like there is an advantage to being there over other visitors.

Get your list working for you by inviting them, knowing them and engaging them.

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